The Best Things in Life ARE Free!

The best of the samples, trials, and freebies.

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Various and free
Me with pink lips!
cru5h wrote in freestuff
Sorry for repeats!

Protein bar from Proteon

Subscription to Green golfing magazine

Subscription to Boat International

Samples of pet food

Sample of Purina Naturals pet food

OPI Nail Polish (says you get nailpolish just for signing up for sweepstakes)

Fibersure sample
They have some lame countdown clock on the left, as to how long you have to sign up. Not sure if it resets, but if you don't see anything about a sample - that's why.

30 prints from Snapfish plus free shipping Use code: HPFREESHIP

Taster's Choice sample with survey

Schick Intuition razor - Code: INTSMP06

Free large sample sizes for $2 of shipping

(3) samples of your choice from Best Bath Store

Create an account, click to request free samples from left menu, choose samples, it'll take you to a payment page. They accept Paypal too, by the way.

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The razor says I need a promo code.

Thank you! I'm going to add the code to the post.

need a promo code for the razor.

I can't for the life of me figure out where to enter the snapfish code. I have an accout and i'm signed in, but where do i imput it?

When you go to checkout, they'll ask how you want your items shipped. Scroll down the page a bit and you can enter a code in.

no free nail polish for hawaii. :(

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