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Free Movie Rentals In Select Cities.
thecause wrote in freestuff
1. Find if your city is listed here:
2. Get your free movie rental codes here:
3. Rent a free movie at the Redbox.

What does a Redbox code do for you?

Redbox codes generally give you a free dvd rental for one day. Some codes do even more - even giving up to 5 free dvd rentals at one time.

How do I use a code?

Go up to a Redbox and follow the prompts on the screen, i.e. select a DVD, use promo code, type it in…

Make sure after you enter the code, it says TOTAL: $0.00
You still need to swipe card for returning Policy. It’s free for 1 day. So make sure you return by the next day 7pm to not get charged late fee.

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We don't have that in my state, but it sure looks cool!

Oh man! I just found a redbox here.

I like your icon. It reminds me of the Insomnia helmet that Lance Armstrong promoted back in the day. Kudos

much thanks. i dig bicycle customs.

(Deleted comment)
does it refund it? Just wondering, because Im just like that.. I may have a buck in my account at this moment, hell I may be over drawn! lol

Yes. Its merely to ensure that the account is valid.

gotcha thanks for the warning, I will have to wait to get free rentals when I have money in the bank.. lol some how that sounds so weird!

Thanks again!

Hey! your post is nice especially the cities' list that you have provided. You can now check out the latest updates on Redbox codes here.

Thank you

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