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Free kitten-cat --- Central PA
rubian77 wrote in freestuff
A coworker of mine says:

"Amongst the feral strays who stop by my porch nightly for dinner, there is a young, female, long haired, orange and white cat who must have been dumped outside. She is clearly not an outside cat. She is the first to eat and is always very hungry. I am looking for a home for her. If anyone knows of anyone, I can get her and meet them somewhere with her [Harrisburg area]. She is friendly and hasn’t even grown into her paws yet. I am worried she is not fixed and there is a pesky male hanging around who is not neutered. So let me know if you know of anyone who is interested."

I would LOVE to take her, personally, but I already have a dog (who HATES cats), two finches, and a fishtank. So a kitty is *not* a good idea for me.

***EDIT: She did find someone else to take the cat (she's pretty sure - they have to meet and make sure they like each other, but it's all over except the shouting.) I'll keep any interested parties posted if anything changes.

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If this coworker isn't already working on it, you could suggest finding a local TNR group. TNR helps control the size of feral colonies and also helps control rabies in the feral colony, in the local wildlife, and in the domesticated pets who may associate with the colony. It doesn't have to be expensive, either; my area has a group that does neuter/spay and shots free on ferals.

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Your coworker *should* list this cat as found everywhere appropriate for your region. There may be a list or a bulletin board at Animal Control. Most newspapers take "found" ads for free. Craigslist is also free any many people do check it.

If this kitty is tame, someone may be looking for her. Cats can't always find their way home, and an inside-only cat who accidentally got out may well be too lost to find her way home. I've heard of wonderful stories of feral feeders finding a cat they were sure was dumped, but listing as found anyway just to be sure...and it turns out the kitty broke through the window screen *nine months ago* and the family has been looking for him since (etc etc etc). And if someone is looking for this kitty, then that will also obviate the need to place her.


Good thought....This coworker's dealt a lot with stray/found/abandoned/homeless pets in the past, so she might have done that already, but I did shoot an e-mail to her just to be sure.

Trap-Neuter (and vaccinate)-Return. Very effective at getting feral populations under control, where trapping and killing (ie Animal Control) isn't--and feeding without doing anything else also isn't good for the colony's overall health.

That is a wonderful method but not all cats outside are feral. Some are easily adoptable.


Of course. But if someone's feeding feral cats (as the OP says the coworker is doing) they should also be investigating TNR in their area.

I don't understand the point of your comment.

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I do not understand your question.

I can not believe how many LOl cats I have seen on tshirts in the last week, its an epidemic.

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there are hundreds of volunteer drivers all over the country, and i'm sure transportation could be arranged if you're serious and the OP is willing.

awwww poor kitty. I hope she finds a home :(

Tell her to post it to the pets section of her local craigslist, too. Cover all bases.

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I talked to her Friday and she is aware of PAWS - she used to work for them - her main problem with TNR is the "T" part. Many of the cats are incredibly skittish and impossible to get close to, according to her, and I guess she doesn't have/have access to a live trap. (We were both on the way out the door, so it was a short conversation.)

You should post this in my community adopt_a_pet, it'd be a much better place to advertise the kitten. Also, i'd suggest at least a small rehoming fee that the new adopters have to pay, giving away an animal for free always makes me a bit nervous and paranoid. Let alone doing it online.

Which is one reason I said "local." This way the coworker could meet the potential new owner and suss out if there's anything "fishy" going on.

Feral normally means not used to human contact. This is not a feral cat.

Chances are she has a home. She just got lost. She is adoptable. In Chicago we have a shelter that is a no-kill adoption center for cats and dogs. I used to volunteer with them.

Good luck in finding the kitty a new home.

She did call around and make every effort to find out if anyone was missing a cat that matched its description.

I had meant a new home. Sorry about the confusion.

For the actual feral kitties one option is to contact a horse farm or similar business. One of the shelters would give stable the definitely feral cats. They were well taken care of and helped the stable owner. All the cats given to the stables were all spayed and neutered.

I want her, but unfortunately I am no where near the area. :(

I was going to link this to a friend who has several cats and is usually willing to rescue one more in your area...but you locked the post so he won't be able to see and respond.

I was going to make it public, but I didn't think I could....fixed now.

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I would so take her if I lived anywhere close to you, sadly I'll all the way in CA, my cat could always use a playmate though

I hope she finds a home

All kitties are welcome in Catville. Everyone gets food and love.

Thanks! I'm pretty sure she's found somewhere for the kitty, but I will let you know if that falls through. :)

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