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Free kitten-cat --- Central PA
A coworker of mine says:

"Amongst the feral strays who stop by my porch nightly for dinner, there is a young, female, long haired, orange and white cat who must have been dumped outside. She is clearly not an outside cat. She is the first to eat and is always very hungry. I am looking for a home for her. If anyone knows of anyone, I can get her and meet them somewhere with her [Harrisburg area]. She is friendly and hasn’t even grown into her paws yet. I am worried she is not fixed and there is a pesky male hanging around who is not neutered. So let me know if you know of anyone who is interested."

I would LOVE to take her, personally, but I already have a dog (who HATES cats), two finches, and a fishtank. So a kitty is *not* a good idea for me.

***EDIT: She did find someone else to take the cat (she's pretty sure - they have to meet and make sure they like each other, but it's all over except the shouting.) I'll keep any interested parties posted if anything changes.

New Freebie!
$4 in coupons for your thoughts on Tyson Meal kits
UPC: 027182559911

Two Free Texas Rangers Major League Baseball Game Tickets
Free Ticket Offer Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for this ticket offer, fans must submit the maximum number of online votes for the 2008 MLB All-Star Game between 2:01 p.m. CT on May 23, 2008 and 10:59 p.m. CT on July 2, 2008 and select the Texas Rangers as a "favorite" or "other favorite" club on the Online ballot.

Free Walk A Day Journal from Personal Best -- Business Name Required
Use Promo Code: DWLKP006

New Freebie!
Free 15 Minute Calling Card -- NobelCom
Quote: Get your complimentary trial offer of NobelCom--the ultimate virtual phone card for savings and service. We are so certain that you will be satisfied with the quality and convenience of this calling card that we’d like you to try it FREE! Complete and submit the form below and watch for your email to get 15 free minutes.^ Sign up today! One (1) entry per person, please.

Flix Interdental Stick & Floss in One

Free Medical DVDs!
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute will send you free DVD's on Evolution, Genetics and other very cool science topics. This is very informative and of high quality. If you are a science fan like me you will be in heaven with all the stuff they will send you. You dont have to pay S&H or provide any credit card info.
Here is the link:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute catalog

Free Sample Triple Flex - Costco New Link av=&Mo=2&lang=en-US&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&N=5000043&whse=BC&Dx=mode%2 0matchallpartial&Ntk=Text_Search&Dr=P_CatalogName: BC&Ne=4000000&D=sample&Ntt=sample&No=0&s=1&Sp=S&Nt x=mode%20matchallpartial&Nty=1

Free $5 Amazon GC - Beliefs about Health Survey *kind of long*

New Freebie!
On Friday, June 6th, Krispy Kreme will celebrate National Doughnut Day by offering customers a FREE doughnut of their choice in participating stores throughout the U.S. So, stop by and celebrate National Doughnut Day with Krispy Kreme and have a doughnut on us!

Please call your local Krispy Kreme store to find out if they are participating. Happy Doughnut Day!

New Freebie!
Free sippy cup for registering with Juicy Juice

Free iTunes Codes From Starbucks

EDIT* They're all gone!

I was at Starbucks earlier today for a business meeting, enjoying a fantastic cup of hot chocolate, and the cashier gave me a "several" itunes free song cards for the following:

(4) Bebel Gilberto (Um Segundo - Brazilian Jazz)
(5) Paul McCartney (Only Mama Knows)

Post your email address. Guess the free card thing ends tomorrow (codes good through 12/31) wish I'd thought to go by there daily.. oh well.

New Freebie!
Free Subscription to Spin Magazine
MercuryMagazines offering a year subscription to Spin Magazine for free.
Spin is a music magazine that reports on "all the music that rocks".
- Link to Offer

Another Free Spin Magazine Subscription!
From freebizmag. :)
-Click here

$10 Free With Sign Up!

A dating website is giving away $10 for anyone who signs up! Just register with and once registered, log out, go back to the homepage and click on the "Claim $10 Now".

Before you claim the $10.00 check, Please make sure that:

1. Your profile is fully completed with at least one photo.

2. Each person is only allowed to claim one time.

3. Your name & address must be correct. Otherwise, you can't deposit the check as it is Non-transferable.

Costco coupon book
I received a costco coupon book with $850 in coupons this week in their campaign to get new members. I am not a member and do not intend to become a member, so the coupons are worthless to me.

They expire 10/26/07. If you would like them please email me your address- to jenni AT parjen DOT com and then comment here so everyone knows you claimed them first. Thank you.

Taken, by tigger54, thanks!

New Freebie!
Gate On Sunny Day
Hope there are no repeats here. Sorry if there are.

Free Golf Tees:

Free Post-It Sample Pack:

Free Whitetail Pen:
Out of pens, sorry.

Free Brand Starter Kit:

instant oatmeal
I go to Costco to buy my boyfriend Quaker Instant Oatmeal so the boxes are HUGE and he's now decided he doesn't like certain flavors. So, if anyone wants them, I'd be more than happy to send them out. Just send me an e-mail to First come, first serve.

1. Quaker "Banana Bread" - 5
2. Quaker "Apples and Cinnamon" - 12
3. Generic Brand - "Apples and Cinnamon" - 4


It's the sauce!
I'm a Rock Star
Free BBQ sauce!


*update* Just noticed there is a "these states not included." Sorry if you're in one of them.

New Freebie!

 1 free six flags magic mountain ticket

12  buy one get one free any day


Expires January 27,2008

Mobile17! REAL free ringtones
I'm goin' crazy on mobile17 downloading ringtones.

I already posted on my LJ (edit: to my personal friends) with the obligatory "respond with your fav song and I'll add it as your ring tone on my phone" hehee

, it's all FREE! Well, unless you pay for internet by the Kb.

I have a Razr Motorola phone. When you download it, it's the second link on the web page in your phone's browser, think it says True Tone (for my phone)

It's not compatible with some phones and it will tell you when you select it. Might be a good gift to someone if you know their phone type and number! I don't get SPAM mail from Mobile17, either, if you're worried about that.

Uses music and sounds you currently have on your computer. (.wma, .mp3...) it lists what it was accept.

Happy downloading!

AOL BuzzCampaign Codes
Rain red umbrella lane
I have 8 AOL BuzzCampaign Codes. First 8 to leave their email address will receive one.

UPDATE: Codes have all been taken!


I got these codes from a BzzCampaign recently for free TV show downloads from AOL.

The first eight people to comment with their email, will get the code. :)

These codes will allow you to download TV shows only. You can use them and so can people you Bzz so feel free to pass them along. To successfuly redeem your codes and download TV shows...
  • Go to and click on "Television" in the left navigation bar
  • Browse the TV shows. When you're ready to buy, click "buy"
  • Log in with an AIM or AOL screen name, or sign up for one
  • Review your purchase, no pressure. You can still cancel if you need to
  • Enter one of the codes from your BzzCampaign page
  • Enter your billing info and agree to the AOL Video Store TOS and then complete your purchase. Note: Your credit will NOT be charged once you click purchase and download
  • Play your purchased video online or offline right on your PC
  • Use it or lose it! Your codes will expire on 12/31/06

Thank you in advance.
I have a friend who is expecting a baby and I am putting together a care package for her. If anyone has links to baby/mommy freebies I would be forever grateful. I've dug around past entries a bit, but it is taking forever my way. :P THANK YOU!!

Feed Your Ears For Free
Some sites I highly recommend for various and sundry musical escapades, mainly under Creative Commons, and all free:

Jamendo, which has nearly 1200 releases at this point from artists worldwide...much of this stuff is extremely good work -- I've been listening to releases from Xcyril, The TenGooz, and a variety of others, from ambient to ska to soundtrack to mediaevil to noise. The albums are distributed via BitTorrent and eMule. You can listen to albums directly from the site as well.

Free Albums Galore reviews Creative commons and public domain releases and provides download links. Some of the links work really well with Firefox using the DownThemAll extension.

Indieish is a daily feed of Creative Commons tracks -- one a day, from various sources. It's available as a podcast as well, and I get my feed through iTunes. Some really good stuff comes up, well worth further exploration.

Gâyan Uttejak Society is the home of Lâszlô Hortobâgyi, and it's quite an impressive body of work, much based on Indian classical roots, but with some fantastic Balkan, techno, dub, downtempo etc twists, including participation from the Sons Of Arqa. Again, Firefox with DownThemAll is useful here because manually acquiring all of this stuff can take days. It's worth the download, though, even though your hard drive may groan and mutter.

Comfort Stand has unfortunately shut down, but the people who began it are keeping everything they've released online. It was one of my favorite netlabels, too, and I highly recommend the Coconut Monkeyrocket/Martinibomb Split! EP, (which contains two of my favorite CM tracks),Wakka-Chikka Wakka-Chikka (hilarious takes on porn music), and the Two Zombies Later compilation. They also have some Bran Flakes releases I believe.

Free Movie Rentals In Select Cities.
1. Find if your city is listed here:
2. Get your free movie rental codes here:
3. Rent a free movie at the Redbox.

What does a Redbox code do for you?

Redbox codes generally give you a free dvd rental for one day. Some codes do even more - even giving up to 5 free dvd rentals at one time.

How do I use a code?

Go up to a Redbox and follow the prompts on the screen, i.e. select a DVD, use promo code, type it in…

Make sure after you enter the code, it says TOTAL: $0.00
You still need to swipe card for returning Policy. It’s free for 1 day. So make sure you return by the next day 7pm to not get charged late fee.

free music!
50 free songs.

all you have to do is register for their service through this link, and you get 50 free downloads. enjoy. =)

Hope this isn't a repeat. I'm at work, and too busy to check! :)

Free Summer Gift pack.
"First 10,000 people to respond will receive a Summer Gift Pack." 

Gift Pack includes:

One Shout® Color Catcher sample

  • A coupon booklet valued at $4:
    • $1 off Glade® Air Infusions™
    • $1 off Pledge® Multi-Surface Clean & Dust™ Spray or Wipes
    • $1 off Shout® Liquid Laundry Stain Remover
    • $1 off Shout® Color Catcher™ sheets

Free Sunkist Vitamin Chews

Club Pogo Passes
Normally I get 3 of the "Free 5 day guest pass" a month... I gave them all out the other day but I just had a message in my account that I was given two more to give out.. So if anyone is interested just let me know

Shick Intuition razor for women.
Free Schick Intuition

Promo Code: INTSMP06

free gladrag (alternative menstrual product)
me / typing
You can get a free reusable cotton pad if you add a link to the Gladrags website on your blog and then contact them with the link to your blog and your mailing address. They don't talk about it on their website for some reason, but I heard about the offer through their June newsletter--so you'll have to trust me :). I put the link up on my blog about 5 weeks ago and just received the pad in the mail today. I *think* the offer is in the US only but it doesn't say specifically.

New Freebie!
10% off of whatever you order at

Use this code: JKJCVTZ

Probably a one-time thing, so if you go for it.... let everyone else know.

Various and free
Me with pink lips!
Sorry for repeats!

Protein bar from Proteon

Subscription to Green golfing magazine

Subscription to Boat International

Samples of pet food

Sample of Purina Naturals pet food

OPI Nail Polish (says you get nailpolish just for signing up for sweepstakes)

Fibersure sample
They have some lame countdown clock on the left, as to how long you have to sign up. Not sure if it resets, but if you don't see anything about a sample - that's why.

30 prints from Snapfish plus free shipping Use code: HPFREESHIP

Taster's Choice sample with survey

Schick Intuition razor - Code: INTSMP06

Free large sample sizes for $2 of shipping

(3) samples of your choice from Best Bath Store

Create an account, click to request free samples from left menu, choose samples, it'll take you to a payment page. They accept Paypal too, by the way.

Free address labels
From Maker's Mark:


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