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Feed Your Ears For Free
wyldemusick wrote in freestuff
Some sites I highly recommend for various and sundry musical escapades, mainly under Creative Commons, and all free:

Jamendo, which has nearly 1200 releases at this point from artists worldwide...much of this stuff is extremely good work -- I've been listening to releases from Xcyril, The TenGooz, and a variety of others, from ambient to ska to soundtrack to mediaevil to noise. The albums are distributed via BitTorrent and eMule. You can listen to albums directly from the site as well.

Free Albums Galore reviews Creative commons and public domain releases and provides download links. Some of the links work really well with Firefox using the DownThemAll extension.

Indieish is a daily feed of Creative Commons tracks -- one a day, from various sources. It's available as a podcast as well, and I get my feed through iTunes. Some really good stuff comes up, well worth further exploration.

Gâyan Uttejak Society is the home of Lâszlô Hortobâgyi, and it's quite an impressive body of work, much based on Indian classical roots, but with some fantastic Balkan, techno, dub, downtempo etc twists, including participation from the Sons Of Arqa. Again, Firefox with DownThemAll is useful here because manually acquiring all of this stuff can take days. It's worth the download, though, even though your hard drive may groan and mutter.

Comfort Stand has unfortunately shut down, but the people who began it are keeping everything they've released online. It was one of my favorite netlabels, too, and I highly recommend the Coconut Monkeyrocket/Martinibomb Split! EP, (which contains two of my favorite CM tracks),Wakka-Chikka Wakka-Chikka (hilarious takes on porn music), and the Two Zombies Later compilation. They also have some Bran Flakes releases I believe.

  • 1 free mp3s from a punk rock label. Also mashups are often free to download,at the following: Dj!

thanks for the links
I see I'm going to be busy downloading for a while

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