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Mobile17! REAL free ringtones
justbreathe247 wrote in freestuff
I'm goin' crazy on mobile17 downloading ringtones.

I already posted on my LJ (edit: to my personal friends) with the obligatory "respond with your fav song and I'll add it as your ring tone on my phone" hehee

, it's all FREE! Well, unless you pay for internet by the Kb.

I have a Razr Motorola phone. When you download it, it's the second link on the web page in your phone's browser, think it says True Tone (for my phone)

It's not compatible with some phones and it will tell you when you select it. Might be a good gift to someone if you know their phone type and number! I don't get SPAM mail from Mobile17, either, if you're worried about that.

Uses music and sounds you currently have on your computer. (.wma, .mp3...) it lists what it was accept.

Happy downloading!

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i love this site. i'm always thinking of new songs to use as ring tones.

I love mobile17. I made an awesome ringtone with "Smoke on the Water", but my stupid Verizon phone won't let me set it as the ringtone. Even the guy at the Verizon store couldn't get it to work. *snarls in Verizon's direction*

Wish there were a way to log on and see/listen to what other people have made!

does it really take 297 minutes per download?

Nope, not really. I just uploaded mine, went for a walk around the block (Not far) and came back.. maybe an hour at most, then I got my text. They give you a code, though, if you never get your text.

You have to be able to put in a URL if you don't get/use the text, though.

It varies at different times of the day, at least in my experience.

i wonder if i pay internet by the kb. hrm.
i just got a new(to me) phone, and i wonder what kind of ringtones it takes?
anyone have any info on the samsung a610?

You should be able to through your WAP Download settings. Not sure what they are, you might want to call your cell phone provider.

damn, i hope it works! nothing ever seems to work on verizon.

Did I ever give you a song to use for me?

I meant I posted that to MY friends on LJ... sorry.. I guess I could download one for you on my phone, what's your fav song? ehehe

This is the best thing ever! I hate paying nearly $3 for true tone ringtones! And most of the songs I really want aren't even available!

I have a KRZR thru Verizon and sadly, I can't make it work. :( It won't let me save as a ringtone; only a sound. *sighs* Back to forking out $3 to the stupid company for something other than the pathetic rings the phone came with.

I save mine as a sound too. But you can choose your ringtone from the 'my sounds' list too.

Not on my phone, you can't.

try they're the same idea, and I've been able to make it work for my lg verizon phone, and it is also free.

Woo-hoo! Thanks for reminding me of this! Someone pointed me to it before, but I never got around to checking it out and forgot about it. Now . . . well . . . somebody stop me! I'm going into Ringtone Overload! ;-P

(Whoops, another one just showed up on my phone. WHEEEEEEEEE!)

Gah! I can't recieve them on my phone, and I don't have a link cable to transfer them. But I'll bookmark this because my plan is up this fall, and I'd assume I'll get a new phone then.

(stupid US Cellular.)

This is more addicting than SIMS!!!!!!

It worked but the tone wasn't very loud :(

I've gotten about 8 songs from them over a period of about 6 months and 2 different phones... never had a bill for anything but the KBs used. Don't know what they're talking about, but that would suck!

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