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The Best Things in Life ARE Free!

The best of the samples, trials, and freebies.

Nothing But Free Stuff!
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What do we want?
When do we want it?

This community exists for the purpose of free stuff. We love it. We can't get enough of it. And, these days, free stuff is sometimes hard to find. So, here's a place to post and find all the free stuff you can stand! We've been around a while, and we've got a LOT of great members. Only links to free stuff are to be posted here. If you want to talk about free stuff....about ANYTHING regarding freebies, go to freestufftalk.

Read the rules before joining, and definitely before posting!
Community Rules:

  1. We do NOT tolerate rudeness or drama. PERIOD.
  2. No referral posts. This includes referrals within the comments of any post.
  3. All listed items must be FREE. Do not post coupons that discount a product. Post those in discountcodes.
  4. Do NOT post anything except for free stuff. This includes illegal schemes (Anything posted regarding free iPods will be deleted without warning, and immediately) and sign-up offers.
  5. Do not post "freebies" that require you to pay shipping & handling fees. We don't consider those free.
  6. Do not delete comments from other members, no matter what they say. Please contact me if you have issues with rude or unnecessary comments to your post, and I promise to take care of them, but please don't delete them yourself.
  7. There are times when adult freebies are offered (condoms, personal lubrication items), so be aware of this, and if you're offended, feel free to step away from the community. There will be no enforcement of age due to the nature of the items.
  8. Give as much information about your post as you can. If you know that the freebie is only for the US, include that information. That way, people in other countries won't waste their time on those links.
  9. Have fun!!!!

All posts are now reviewed before they go public.

Community Moderator: aliminx
(Please contact her if you have any suggestions/comments/problems.)